Originally from Kingston-on-Thames in Surrey, Carn Standing is an accomplished artist and sculptor based in Boyndie, Aberdeenshire in north east Scotland.

With an interest in the arts from a young age, after leaving school he moved to Aberdeen to study The Masters and Anatomy. His first commission came from Phoenix Art in London followed by work for Imagination Studios and Rainbow Productions amongst others.

In the last 30 years he has created a substantial body of work ranging from life-sized sculptures of animals cast in bronze and stone to designs and sculptures for film, television and major theme parks. Commissioned works are in private collections around the world.

More recently Carn has turned his attention to creating work for public spaces. He received an Aberdeenshire Visual Artists' Award, funded by the Scottish Arts Council, to further his development in creating work in the public realm. He followed up this experience by securing a commission from The National Trust for Scotland as part of the restoration of an eighteenth century townhouse in Peterhead.

Carn is renowned for his ability to bring movement, emotion and realism to his sculptures of both domestic and wild animals. His studies of anatomy, an ability to connect to the animal that is being created and an aptitude for capturing some kind of spirit that brings his work alive are central to his designs. All these factors give Carn's creations a recognisable style and a reputation for quality which is second to none.

His working partnership with Cavendish Stone goes back 15 years, turning ideas into sketches, compositions, detailed drawings and models, contributing much to the success of the business. Everything that he makes is bespoke, and is both functional and sculptural. The animals that they have created together, such as the popular Bull Mastiff, capture the soul of the animal for which Carn is known.

Special commissions can be undertaken by Carn Standing.
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