These magnificent life sized stone ornaments are seated reposefully on naturalistic bases continue the tradition of noble pre-eminence the lion has held in art and sculpture over the ages.

The Lion statues were sculptured in the United Kingdom during 2006/2007. They are manufactured and hand-aged in Somerset (UK) and are available on or off the plinths in reconstituted bath stone. Also available as special commissions in hand patinated bronze or in cast bronze.

▶ Dimensions

Empire Lion: 145.8cm (4' 9") high

Lion: 72cm (2' 4") wide x 190cm (6' 2") nose to tail x 135cm (4' 5") high

Base measurement: 82cm (2' 8") wide x 128cm (4' 2") long x 10cm (4") high

Empire Lion on small plinth: 164.8cm (5' 5") high

Small plinth: 102cm (3' 4") wide x 157.5cm (5' 2") long x 19cm (8") high

Empire Lion on full plinth 225.8cm (7' 5") high

Full plinth: 102cm (3' 4") wide x 157.5cm (5' 2") long x 80cm (2' 8") high

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